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Skill Building Challenge Cycle 20 winner announced..!

Cycle 20 Winners Announced! Our Cycle 20 Skill Building Challenge marked the start of our second annual Master Skill Building Challenge, and did so with a classic atelier assignment; Skull drawing and cast painting.  These types of challenges help put the student’s foundational skills to the test, and serve as a wonderful “warm up” as […]

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Skill Building Challenge Cycle 19 Winners Announced!

  Cycle 19 Winners Announced! Our Cycle 19 skill Building Challenge, structured to celebrate the release of our Features and Facial Expressions lessons with Lucas Graciano,  proved to be a unique challenge for students..Not only did participants have to pull from their portraiture skills, they also needed to utilize their own reference and work to […]

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Second Annual Master Skill Building Challenge, with Donato Giancola

  It is with great excitement that we announce our Second Annual Master Skill Building Challenge, with Guest Juror Donato Giancola. Our Annual Master Skill Building Challenge is designed to help our students push themselves in their training and help them to become better, more skilled and more proficient artists. With these goals in mind, we have reached […]

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The Winners of the First Annual Master Skill Building Challenge

We are extremely proud to announce the winners of our first annual Master Skill Building Challenge.  This contest, open to all of our enrolled students,  was made up of 6 individual, month-long challenges, and was designed to push participant’s skill sets in order to help them grow as representational artists.  Each student’s final portfolio was then submitted […]

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Skill Building Cycle 17 Winners Announced!

As many of you know, our first annual Master Skill Building Challenge recently came to a close (more on that in a moment..!), marked by the end of our cycle 17 Skill Building Challenge.  With the jury results now in, we are thrilled to say we now know the winners of our first annual Master […]

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Skill Building Challenge Cycle 15 Winners Announced!

The wait is over!  The winners for our cycle 15 Skill Building Challenge are finally in, and we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work, perseverance, and personal skill growth these two individuals have shown us over the course of 4 weeks.  Please join us in congratulating our winner and honorable mention […]

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Skill Building Challenge Cycle 16 now live! Cycle 15 winners to be announced shortly..!

Skill Building Challenge cycle 16 is now live on our student forums!  Head on over to the forums to participate in this exciting Figure Quicksketch/Still life competition, open to all enrolled students of the Watts Atelier Online Program. We saw a fantastic turn out for Cycle 15, and our judges are still working to select […]

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Skill Building Challenge Cycle 14 winners announced! Cycle 15 now live!

Our skill Building cycle 15 Challenge is now live!  To participate and push your skills (and to complete your 4th piece in the Master Skill Building Challenge, with guest juror James Gurney) Please visit our Skill Building Challenge forums today.  Remember, these challenges are open to all active online students of any skill level, and […]

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Skill Building Challenge Cycle 13 Winner Announced!

Cycle 13 was, by far, the most difficult of our Skill Building Challenges to judge to date…The skill and growth shown by the participants this past cycle was phenomenal!  Our team took their time combing through the entries and looking at the student work, and they have finally decided on our winners… Without further ado, we’d […]

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Skill building Challenge Cycle 13 now Live! Cycle 12 Winners Announced!

Thank you all for making Cycle 12 of our Skill Building Challenges the most successful competition yet!  Cycle 12, in addition to being a “standard” skill building completion, marked the first leg in our six-month Master Skill Building Challenge, with guest juror James Gurney.  The caliber of the entries for cycle 12 were astonishing…We’re all […]

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Cycle 11 Skill Building Challenge Winners Announced!

We would like to take a moment to congratulate the Winner and Honorable Mention of our Cycle 11 Skill Building Challenge. Our Skill Building Challenge entries are judged on the displayed comprehension of the lessons, and (most importantly) the improvement displayed by the internalization of those concepts and application of them over the course of […]

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