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“From the Sketchbook,” toned paper

Last week in “from the sketchbook,” we showed you how Jeffrey Watts utilized toned paper and white charcoal to explore his figure invention exercises.  This week, we take a look at how a few other Watts Atelier instructors use their toned paper sketchbooks. While Jeff’s figure inventions were executed entirely in white charcoal, these sketches […]

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“From the Sketchbook,” Mini Master Studies

When one thinks “Master Study,” they generally envision a scale replication of an old master’s piece, painstakingly reproduced in order to better understand their process (along the lines of this study after Bargue, by Watts Instructor Lucas Graciano).  While these types of studies are fantastic learning opportunities, the hard reality is that many students lead a […]

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“From the Sketchbook,” Preliminary Drawings with E.M. Gist

While we’ve talked about utilizing sketchbooks for structured study, thumbnail exploration, and casual drawing, there is another area of sketchbook use that we haven’t delved into yet; the preliminary drawing. This is the stage where an idea starts to become a realized, “finished” image.  While every artist works differently, the preliminary drawing is generally a […]

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“From the Sketchbook,” our new weekly blog feature

Every artist keeps (or should keep, rather) a sketchbook. Sketchbooks can help you record ideas, solve visual problems, strengthen and commit lessons to memory, and so much more. Every Thursday for the next several weeks, we will be giving you a peek into our instructor’s sketchbooks in a new blog segment appropriately titled “From the Sketchbook.” […]

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