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Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I select a mentor?

You can select a mentor by finding a member that is at a higher Mastery Level than you.  As an example, if you are an Apprentice member, you can choose from anyone who is a Journeyman all the way through to Master Guildsman.  You can find members by visiting the Member pages in the Student Center menu.  There are pages for each Mastery Level.

Selecting a mentor is just like selecting a friend.  The main differences is that you can only select one mentor and that person must be a higher Master Level than you.  Once you have identified a potential mentor you should see a “Add Mentor” button.  The button should look very similar to the “Add Friend” button.   Just like adding a friend, the potential mentor must accept your mentorship request.  Don’t feel too bad if the person does not accept your request.  The person may already have too mentors already.

Q: How do I select a GOOD mentor?

Well, we could probably write a book about that one.  Instead we are going to dedicate a forum to Mentoring.  For starters, try to find someone you can grow with.  If you are an Apprentice master level, perhaps find a Journeyman.  You want to find someone to help you through the program.  Send a message and introduce yourself.  Message back and forth to get a feel for what the potential mentor is like.  You can also see how many people the potential mentor is mentoring (including the total number of people in his/her mentor tree).  There are not right or wrong approaches, but continue to check the Mentorship forum as this topic should be a lively one. [/toggle]

Q: Can I change mentors?

Absolutely!  You can change mentors any time you want.  We do suggest that you give mentoring time.  Just like anything worthwhile, building a good mentoring relationship can take time.  To change mentors, just select a new mentor and once the new mentor accepts your mentorship request, the system will cancel your old mentorship.[/toggle]

Q: Do I have to mentor people?

No.  Mentoring is purely voluntary.  For some people, all they want is to get access to the all of the videos.  However, for those of you that are committing to a lifelong journey as artist, becoming a mentor to others will help reenforce the concepts you have learned as well as enrich other parts of you life.  Give it a chance… [/toggle]

Q: What are Indirect Mentees?

If you look on someone’s profile page, you can see how many “direct” and “indirect” mentees the member has (look next to the person’s picture).  When you request to have someone be your mentor and they accept, you become a that persons “direct” mentee”.  Now, if you are also mentoring people, then your mentees (and their mentees, and so on…) are added to this persons’ mentorship tree.  The “indirect” mentees are the total number of people in someone’s mentorship tree not including their direct mentees.

As you progress through the program, your mentees will also progress and you will quickly be surprised how large your tree has become.  Your tree represents your impact on the larger Watts community.  And just like any community what you give back to the community is greatly surpassed by what you receive from it.