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    Luke Kremer

    UPDATE: Rebecca isn’t receiving her critiques on submissions that aren’t 100% passed. We’re troubleshooting this at the moment.

    I wanted to say thank you guys for stepping in and working on these together. If anyone has a similar issue where you are unable to see your critique messages please let us know as soon as possible in the support thread:


    -Luke K.


    Chris Rizk

    So I’ve been working on the basic shapes all week. Things seem to be going pretty well, except when I get to the sphere.

    Its hard for me to get a rounded but smooth tone. Any tips or advice? I can get a smooth tone easy by pulling down, but when it comes to the round tone that changes as we get to the light source, it starts to get blotchy.




    I feel the same way about sphere, but it didn’t turn out that bad. Can you post your sphere drawing? Maybe it’s not as blotchy as you think. Do many passes of long strokes from the core shadow and extend beyond. It’ll soften the edge of core shadows and will look smoother overall.


    Chris Rizk


    @venti555, Here is my latest sphere.



    @rizk-christopher Your image wasn’t showing because the URL for the image should just be the image itself, not the page containing the image. So right click on the image to get the URL for the image itself.

    Looks like the paper you use is rough newsprint, not smooth newsprint?


    Chris Rizk

    @venti555, That explains it! Trying this again. And yes, I’m using rough newsprint. Both art supply stores in my area do not carry smooth newsprint, so I have ordered some online, just waiting for it to come in. Thought I’d get started anyway, but man Jeff was right when he said it would use up your pencils quick! haha



    it was time for me to go back and draw a sphere again: i was trying to put in different egdes, just adding some interest, without changing it completly, like adding cracks or a sort of patina, or multiple light sources or add shadow from objects from outside of the picture. That is something i maybe try next time.

    i´m happy with the result, still, i see some things to improve.



    Hey, I just started and was wondering if I can scan from my sketchbook for the assignment submission or I should attempt to photograph the newsprint with my phone. Thanks.

Viewing 8 posts - 301 through 308 (of 308 total)

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