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    Yingbo Zhu

    Thanks @lukek1417 for your encouragement. Keeping going however tough it is. Cheers!



    I’m done with this phase for now, I’ll definitely come back to it after a while of revising.

    I’m mostly proud of the master studies, although I’m not so happy with the head of the female and I should’ve exaggerated the hunch of the male more

    female master study

    male master study



    my name is Firas, i live in Perugia, Italy. I have been enrolled in the atelier for about a month now, i took advantage of the 25th anniversary offer in may, since i am planning to go through drawing and painting as well. Before that, i have been drawing since last year, mostly self learner. I am really appreciative for this online oppurtunity, and all the works you guys doing.
    I just finished this drawing, took me 4/5 hours. I would really love it if you guys will take a little from your time and give me some advices maybe or critiques.
    Thanks a lot!!


Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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