Assignment Grading Inquiry

The education of our students is of the highest importance to us here at the Watts Atelier.  Our dedication to your learning is what led us to create our unique lesson structure and assingment grading system, complete with feedback to help you, our students, excell in your studies.

We’ve recently recieved a few reports from students of “scrambled” grading feedback: grades and feedback being paired with the incorrect lessons.  While these reports thus far are few, we would like to make sure we address this issue as quickly as possible, so we can fix the system error and make sure that each and every one of our students are recieving the proper feedback they need to continue down their learning path.

If you have encountered mismatched grading feedback or percentages with your lessons, please contact us through our contact page form.  When writing, please provide us with your username and the specific phase/lessons that have received the scrambled feedback.  This information will help our team better identifiy the issue and expedite it’s resolution.

Thank you all again for your patience and assistence while we work to identify and resolve this issue.  We hope to have this problem fixed in the coming days, and we encourage all of you to contunue your studies in the meantime.

Happy Holidays, and all the best!

-The Watts Atelier Team