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Skill Building Cycle 17 Winners Announced!

As many of you know, our first annual Master Skill Building Challenge recently came to a close (more on that in a moment..!), marked by the end of our cycle 17 Skill Building Challenge.  With the jury results now in, we are thrilled to say we now know the winners of our first annual Master […]

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Two Ladies of the Ukraine by Jeffrey R Watts

What’s on the Easel?

    This is a painting I just finished for Oil Painters of Americas National show.   It is a bit of a departure from my usual textural approach.  I wanted to work a bit more on the edge manipulation, especially around the head.  Good to exercise your rendering chops every once and awhile.  Overall […]

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Life Drawing Progression

[frame]   I spent about 8 hours on this life drawing.  It was executed on a Vellum Bristol and done using graphite pencils.  We often use Charcoal and one could easily do that for these long efforts but I find using graphite to be a nice change of pace and excersises a different type of discipline.  This type of […]

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What’s on the Easel?

[frame]   This is my most recent studio painting.  It is a 40”X30” Oil painting titled “Old Timer” and took about two weeks to paint.   Originally I had intended for this piece to go to the Portrait Society of America Show but decided last minute to send it as my second piece for this year’s Prix de West Show […]

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What’s on the Easel?

[frame]     The painting I am presently working on is titled “Pepper Falls”. It is 24″ x 30″ and painted in oil on lead primed canvas.  This painting is being done from a piece of reference I took on a recent trip to Teton National Park in the Bridger Wilderness.  We were hiking up to an […]

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