Course Previews

  • Anatomy: Arms & Legs Preview

    In this phase we will be exploring one of the most important aspects of figure drawing, anatomy.  We will be taking an in depth look at the arms and legs, starting with the skeleton and working our way up to the surface morphology.  Along the way we will be examining the form and functionality of… Continue reading

  • Features & Facial Expressions

    This Course will cover the fundamentals of drawing features and facial expressions.  Construction of each feature will be the focus of the first portion of the course.  Facial anatomy will then be taught as a transition into drawing facial expressions.  Students will then move on to cover the seven main facial expressions.

  • Fundamentals of Character Design Preview

    This course will cover the fundamental aspects of Character design for work in Conceptual Design. Here you will learn various methods for maximizing a high creative potential. There is introduction and demonstration of mediums commonly used in the industry. The course covers fundamental aspects of design and how to add personality to your characters. You… Continue reading

  • Dragon Design Preview

    This course will teach you some of the background and techniques that go into painting dragons for illustration.  You will be walked through a process of designing a dragon with personality and weight in order to achieve a highly inspirational and believable design.  You will learn to mannequin a dragon so you are able to… Continue reading

  • Illustrating A Fantasy Scene Preview

    This course will teach you some of the background and techniques that go into painting an illustration for card art. You will be walked through each phase of the illustration process that I use, starting with receiving the assignment all the way through the final painting. We will also talk about common ways to go about… Continue reading

  • Essentials of Tech Preview

    These videos are a collection of useful tips and approaches for both design and the necessary tasks of perspective and shadowing for all ‘Tech’ genres. The solutions range from the rather involved, but carefully explained… to the very simple. Unlike previous courses, the workbook will actually expand upon what you see in the video with… Continue reading

  • Illustration – Painted Comic Cover Preview

      When painting a cover for a comic book, less emphasis is put on narrative and more on creating an iconic image that jumps off the rack.  In this series of lessons we will be going over the process often used in the generation and refinement of concepts.  We will then continue, and spend a… Continue reading