Cycle 11 Skill Building Challenge Winners Announced!

We would like to take a moment to congratulate the Winner and Honorable Mention of our Cycle 11 Skill Building Challenge. Our Skill Building Challenge entries are judged on the displayed comprehension of the lessons, and (most importantly) the improvement displayed by the internalization of those concepts and application of them over the course of the 4 week challenge. Judging on these criteria gives all students in the online program the chance to participate, and allows us to “level the playing field” for novices and more advanced students.

Join us in congratulating our Winner and Honorable Mention of our Cycle 11 Challenge…

Cycle 11 Winner



Cycle 11 Honorable Mention



Congratulations to you both! As winner of our Cycle 11 Challenge, Marcus will be receiving a video trace over critique from one of our fantastic senior instructors. As the Honorable Mention, Elizabeth will be receiving a written critique of her piece.

  We’d like to remind our students that our first annual Master Skill Building Challenge with guest juror James Gurney is curently underway.  Enrolled Students still have a chance to participate! Head over to our Skill Building Challenges forum to learn more, read our FAQ, and participate!