“Friday Night Live” special guest; Gouache painting with Robert Watts!



Join us this Friday at 7pm PST for a special Friday Night Live event, as Robert Watts Demonstrates his Gouache painting skills.  In his own words, Robert is going “to dance with the devil, and take a hand drawing of Captain Teague, to some sort of finish in gouache transparent to opaque.”

If you’ve ever seen Robert work, you know this live stream is not to be missed..And if you haven’t seen him work and are considering enrolling his his new online composition course, this is an excellent chance to see his approach to teaching, and to watch his amazing skills in action.

We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday, at 7pm PST for this exciting event!  You can find a link to our Youtube page here, where you can ask questions live  and have Robert answer them while he works.  We hope to see you all there!