Just Released: “Studio Still Life Painting,” With Meadow Gist

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We are thrilled to announce the release of a new Master Class to our online program; “Studio Still Life Painting,” with Watts Atelier instructor and fine artist Meadow Gist.

This video course follows Meadow as she delves into one of the painting disciplines she is known for, her long-format still life paintings.  Students will be able to see each brushstroke Meadow lays down in her still life painting, from the initial transparent stain to the final opaque brush marks.  As our lessons are recorded in real time, you will be able to hear Meadow explain the reasoning behind each step of her process as she mixes her colors and lays paint to canvas.  Going beyond the process of painting itself, Meadow also covers the necessary tools needed to embark on a complicated still life scene, and gives advice and insight on how students can build a suitable still life “larder” and compose a cohesive still life set-up.

Still Life painting is an incredibly important discipline, not only for the fine artist, but for the illustrator as well.  There are few ways to better understand how to paint various textures and material than to study the art of Still Life Painting.  Enroll in our Drawing/Painting/Specialty program today to gain access to this exciting fifteen part course, as well as access to over 400 hours (and growing) of other drawing and painting lessons from our Skilled instructors.

For more information on our membership options, please visit our enrollment page, located here.

We hope you all enjoy this exciting new addition to our online program, and we look forward to providing you with even more lessons to help you along on your artistic journey.

-The Watts Atelier Team