New Classes for a New Year: Landscape Phase 3, with Jeffrey Watts

2015 has arrived, and we’re excited to begin the new year with the release of our online program’s Landscape Phase 3 lessons.

This course walks the student through breaking down Landscape paintings from some of Jeffrey Watts’ favorite painters. While deconstructing the paintings, Jeff places emphasis on incorporating the chosen artist’s brushmanship, color harmonies, compositional choices, and shape design into your own work. Students will study from 4 artists, including; noted seascape painter Frederick Judd Waugh, Northern Californian impressionist painter Percy Gray, California Impressionist Edgar Payne, and lastly Russian impressionist Isaac Levitan. This Phase is highly recommended for aspiring landscape painters, conceptual designers and illustrators.

We’re looking forward to you joining us for even more new lessons as we go into the new year together, including more lessons from Jeffrey Watts, as well as Atelier instructors Lucas Graciano and Meadow Gist.

A Happy New Year’s to you all, and may you meet all your artist goals and resolutions in 2015!