New Live Streaming Classes! Announcement and FAQ

New to the Watts Atelier: Live Streaming Classes

Participate in the Atelier Experience Like Never Before

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We at the Watts Atelier are dedicated to our mission of providing our students with the best possible representational art education.  With this mission in mind, we have formulated a unique way to bring our on-location Atelier in California to students around the world.  We are thrilled to announce our new Live Streaming courses.

What are live streaming classes?

Our live streaming classes are courses from our on-location school in Encinitas, California, streamed live to students from around the globe.  The live streaming courses effectively bring the Atelier itself into your home and your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.  Each of our live streaming classes are live feeds, directly from the Atelier classes themselves.  You’ll watch along as our instructors conduct their warm-up drawings, then follow along as they cover the lesson with their instructor demonstrations.  Online students will watch alongside the brick and mortar students, as if they were there in person.

How do I participate in drawing from the model after the demonstration live feed is over?

Students enrolled in the live streaming program will receive three pictures from different angles, taken from the same model the instructor conducted the lesson from.  Students can chose any of these images to draw from, and then may submit their drawing to be critiqued by their instructor.

How are critiques conducted?

In our on-location classes, our instructors sit with each student, analyze their drawing, and conduct a trace over, going over ways to improve the structure, fundamentals, calligraphy and more.  Students are able to watch as the instructor provides hands-on solutions to problems, and gain additional information as they listen in to the instructor as they help other students.  Our online line streaming courses replicate this experience;  Our instructors conduct a trace over video of each drawing submitted.  All critiques are filmed in the same session, allowing live streaming students the opportunity to not only see their critique and the instructor’s solutions for it, but the instructor’s critiques for their peers, as well.  This “Shared learning experience” is a cornerstone of the Atelier training, and helps students learn not only from their own critiques, but from others.

Are students able to watch the classes without submitting an image for critique?

Students who do not wish to submit an image for critique can take advantage of our Audit option, which allows live streaming students the ability to watch the demonstrations and warm up’s each week without participating in the critiques.  Audit students will still have access to the reference photos and live streams, simply without the ability to submit drawings for critique or the ability to view the critique videos.  Our audit option is an excellent, affordable option for those wishing to boost their knowledge and build their skill sets.

What happens if a students misses a Live Stream?  Can it be viewed later?

Students who miss a live stream for one reason or another can view the video capture from the stream up to two weeks from it’s air date.  This allows students from around the world the ability to participate in the Atelier lessons, regardless of differing time zones or varying schedules.

How do I sign up and enroll?

Simple!  Click here to enroll today.  Full Participation with critique is limited to 15 students, so be sure to enroll soon to reserve your space!


We’re extremely excited to be able to have our students from around the world study with us “in person” for the first time ever. Please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments, and  we look forward to seeing many of you this fall in our new Live Streaming Classes!

-The Watts Atelier Team