New Specialty Class Released: “Composition and Staging,” with Robert Watts



We are happy to announce the release of our latest Specialty Class; “Composition and Staging,” with Robert Watts.

This course is meant to help the student break down, simplify, and understand the elements that make up a fantastic composition.  Robert draws on his decades of experience as an illustrator and designer to help students understand complex concepts that are integral to good composition, such as overlapping, motifs, object linking, shadows, and mood.  Robert then helps the student bring all of these concepts together to create interesting, exciting and dynamic compositions.

This newest addition to our Specialty Classes is available as part of our Drawing/Painting/Specialty membership.  For more information on the class, visit our Specialty Class page here.  To enroll in our Drawing/Painting/Specialty membership today, please visit our membership options page, located here.