Creating Environments

In this course we will discover what makes environments and images feel the way they do. This is essential for the storyboard and environmental design, Illustrators and fine artists. The first thing that we see when we look at an image is not always the detailed focus, but the environment that it is in.  In a nutshell, we will cover the four main types of images: hostile, mysterious, romanticized and tranquil. This course is meant to give students a brand new way of looking at how you setup a scene that you are going to portray.


  • Genres
  • Motifs and Their Use
  • Modifying Motifs
  • Variations on a Theme
  • The Ingredients
  • Alice in the Rabbit Hole
  • Orbital Factory using the Tube
  • Mongol War Camp
  • Blended Genres
  • Lighting and Shadow
  • Scene Build Step by Step
  • The Tube, the Canyon and the Interior
  • Floating Subjects Motifcs
  • Advanced Projects Part 1
  • Advanced Projects Part 2
  • Closing Thoughts
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