Figure Painting Phase II Preview

Having gotten familiar with navigating the human form from the major angles, and using controlled palettes, you are now ready to open the range a bit. In this phase you will again be working from photos of the male and female figures taken from the major angles. However, now you will be using the Burnt Umber pick-out/under painting technique with the four color “Zorn” palette on top. We will again be pre-mixing the 36 value break down of the 4 colors.

After watching the videos you should mimic Jeff’s approach using the same reference. Start by revisiting the Burnt Umber pick-out technique that was first introduced in the portrait phases. After the under painting has dried, attempt to match the values of your under painting using the corresponding color for the top layer. These lessons will guide you. By the end of Phase II you will have become familiar with some of the most time tested approaches to painting. These will serve you well in the years to come.


  • Male Front Part I
  • Male Front Part II
  • Male Front Part III
  • Male Front Part IV
  • Male Profile Part I
  • Male Profile Part II
  • Male Profile Part III
  • Male Profile Part IV
  • Male Back Part I
  • Male Back Part II
  • Male Back Part III
  • Male Back Part IV
  • Female 3/4 Part I
  • Female 3/4 Part II
  • Female 3/4 Part III
  • Female 3/4 Part IV
  • Female Recliner Part I
  • Female Recliner Part II
  • Female Recliner Part III
  • Female Recliner Part IV
  • Closing Thoughts
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