Gouache Phase I Preview

In this phase Jeff Watts introduces you to his second favorite medium after oil: gouache. He will demonstrate this medium using a traditional approach that is rarely taught in contemporary art schools. It will be instrumental to your future growth.

Jeff refers to this technique as “tiling”, but you can think of it as shape recognition painting. This technique emphasizes turning form with deliberate “tiles” placed next to one another to create a mosaic effect. This helps cultivate a greater sense of design and will make for clearer, more deliberate color notes in all of your paintings. One of the greatest qualities of gouache is its ability to be re-activated after it is dry to the touch. No other medium except digital allows for this sort of flexibility. We will be executing two black and white and two Zorn palette paintings, for a total of four painting in this phase.  Enjoy.


  • Van – Black & White Compositions
  • Van – Black & White Part I
  • Van – Black & White Part II
  • Van – Black & White Part III
  • Van – Black & White Part IV
  • Katrin Black & White Compositions
  • Katrin Black & White Part I
  • Katrin Black & White Part II
  • Katrin Black & White Part III
  • Katrin Black & White Part IV
  • Charlotte Zorn Palette Compositions
  • Charlotte Zorn Palette Part I
  • Charlotte Zorn Palette Part II
  • Charlotte Zorn Palette Part III
  • Charlotte Zorn Palette Part IV
  • Maurice Zorn Palette Compositions
  • Maurice Zorn Palette Part I
  • Maurice Zorn Palette Part II
  • Maurice Zorn Palette Part III
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