Gouache Phase III Preview

Painting from the master’s was an instrumental learning tool for Jeff as a student and still plays an important role in his current training regimen. In this phase Jeff picked a few of his favorite illustrators to emulate.  Each one possess certain qualities that he feels will help cultivate your design skills, color harmonies, edge manipulation and much more.  Watch as Jeff demonstrates numerous portraits in gouache from each of these master illustrators.    The verbal will also be very helpful to take in as Jeff Delves into why and how he is influenced but these artists.


  • Dean Cornwell – 1st Male Head
  • Dean Cornwell – 2nd Male Head
  • Mead Schaeffer – 1st Male Head
  • Frank Frazetta – 1st Male Head
  • Frank Frazetta – 2nd Female Head
  • Frank Frazetta – 3rd Male Head
  • Frank Frazetta – 4th Male Head
  • J.C. Lyendecker – 1st Male Head
  • J.C. Lyendecker – 2nd Female Head
  • J.C. Lyendecker – 3rd Male Head
  • Norman Rockwell – 1st Male Head
  • Norman Rockwell – 2nd Male Head
  • Gil Elvgren – 1st Female Head
  • Gil Elvgren – 2nd Female Head
  • Gil Elvgren – 3rd Female Head
  • Charles Dana Gibson – 1st Male Head
  • Joseph Clement Cole – 1at Male Head
  • Closing Thoughts
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