Head Phase I Preview

In this phase you will explore basic head construction, and learn how to simplify the complex forms of the head through various measuring techniques. You will then move on to studying the skull, the Asaro head (both simple and complex), and the rhythmical head abstraction. Each section will look at straight on, three-quarter, and profile head angles. This is a very thorough phase so take a deep breath, set your intention, and stay present. If done correctly this phase may take a month or so to get through. Take your time, and remember, slow and steady wins the race.


  • Head Lay-ins
  • Skull Front View
  • Skull Profile
  • Skull 3/4 View
  • Simple Asaro Head Front
  • Simple Asaro Head 3/4 View
  • Simple Asaro Head Profile
  • Head Abstraction Profile
  • Head Abstraction 3/4 View
  • Head Abstraction Front
  • Classic Asaro Head Front
  • Classic Asaro Head 3/4 View
  • Classic Asaro Head Profile
  • Closing Thoughts
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