Head Phase II Preview

Now that you have started to become familiar with navigating the human head from various angles, and using a variety of techniques, it is time to put that knowledge to work.  In this phase you will be called upon to take the aforementioned techniques and apply them to drawing from photos of plaster casts. We will also take a look at using casts to study individual features.  All of this will be preparing you for the rigors of working from the live model.  Take your time with these phases.  They are equivalent to half a term at the Atelier, which is three months long. Like previous phases, it is not uncommon to take the better part of a month to get through these exercises.


  • Features: Nose
  • Features: Eyes
  • Features: Lips
  • Features: Ears
  • Cast Drawing: Male
  • Cast Drawing: Female
  • Drawing from Photo
  • Closing Thoughts
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