Inking Phase I Preview

Inking Phase I is available as an Individual Masterclass Subscription, or available in Full Access or Instructor Mentoring


Join Jeff Watts and Doug Stambaugh in this long anticipated phase as we start to understand the basics of inking to help cultivate superior dexterity, foresight and design. This phase of inking will start with introductions to inking through the use of ball point, technical and brush pens. Next, we will start to break down the basics of quill and brush inking through technical exercises to learn concepts such as cross hatching, line weight, tone building and rendering.



  • Ball Point Pen – Intro to Materials, Examples and Value Scales
  • Ball Point Pen – Heads and Figures
  • Ball Point Pen – Architecture
  • Ball Point Pen – Animals – Orangutans
  • Ball Point Pen – Animals – Tigers
  • Ball Point Pen – Animals – Rhinos
  • Ball Point Pen – Landscape
  • Quill – Line Practice I
  • Quill – Line Practice II
  • Quill – Tone Building I
  • Quill – Tone Building II
  • Quill – Value Scales
  • Quill – Joseph Clement Coll Master Study
  • Brush – Compositional Elements
  • Brush – Planes and Crosshatching
  • Brush – Head Lighting I
  • Brush – Head Lighting II
  • Brush – Head Lighting III
  • Brush – Head Lighting IV
  • Brush – Planes and Anatomy
  • Brush – Rendering Anatomy Part I
  • Brush – Rendering Anatomy Part II
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