Landscape Phase I Preview

The goal of this phase is to introduce you to the fundamentals of landscape composition.  Jeff will go over 13 different compositional “stems” used throughout history by some of the great landscape painters.  He will then use black and white gouache to do several small thumbnail paintings of each compositional stem, while explaining each one and its significance to you as a painter.  You will then use the same reference to repeat the above.  Many artists are never introduced to these stems and, as such, have to do hundreds of efforts in the hopes that they stumble over these ideas throughout their career. That is not a place anyone wants to be!  This is a great, user-friendly introduction to composition.

Class Workbook


  • Steel Yard/Balance Scales Part I
  • Steel Yard/Balance Scales Part II
  • Steel Yard/Balance Scales Part III
  • Circle Part I
  • Circle Part II
  • S Curve Part I
  • S Curve Part II
  • Pyramid Part I
  • Pyramid Part II
  • Cross Part I
  • Cross Part II
  • Cross Part III
  • L / Rectangle Part I
  • L / Rectangle Part II
  • Group Mass/3 Spot Part I
  • Group Mass/3 Spot Part II
  • Group Mass/3 Spot Part III
  • Diagonal Part I
  • Diagonal Part II
  • Diagonal Part III
  • Radiating Line Part I
  • Radiating Line Part II
  • Radiating Line Part III
  • Tunnel Part I
  • Tunnel Part II
  • Silhouette Part I
  • Silhouette Part II
  • Pattern Part I
  • Pattern Part II
  • Closing Thoughts
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