Landscape Phase II Preview

Now that you have begun to understand the basics of landscape composition, let’s break apart various concepts within landscape and learn to tackle them. In this phase Jeff Watts will be introducing you to a fabulous limited palette–similar to the Zorn palette–but more ideally suited to the landscape painter. It features four colors: cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue, cadmium red light, and titanium white (as well as some convenience greys). The exact colors will be on the materials list.

The first half of this phase will place emphasis on how to tackle painting masses of rocks, trees, clouds, and waves. After familiarizing yourself with the above scenarios, you will then move onto various landscape motifs using these elements. This will include snowscapes, lakes/rivers, seascapes, and cloudscapes/vistas. Again, we cannot possibly cover every situation, but using the vast knowledge you are beginning to amass you should begin to possess the ability to expand these core concepts for use in other scenarios.


  • Painting Waves I
  • Painting Waves II
  • Painting Trees I
  • Painting Trees II
  • Painting Clouds I
  • Painting Clouds II
  • Painting Rocks I
  • Painting Rocks II
  • Painting Rivers I
  • Painting Rivers II
  • Painting Snowscapes I
  • Painting Snowscapes II
  • Painting Seascapes I
  • Painting Seascapes II
  • Painting Cloudscapes I
  • Painting Cloudscapes II
  • Painting Lakes I
  • Painting Lakes II
  • Closing Thoughts
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