Landscape Phase III Preview

In this class Jeff Will walk you through breaking down Landscape paintings from some of his favorite painters.  Emphasis will be on picking up the chosen artist’s brushmanship, color harmonies, compositional choices, and shape design. Jeff will work from 4 artists; noted seascape painter Frederick Judd Waugh, Northern Californian impressionist painter Percy Gray, California Impressionist Edgar Payne, and lastly Russian impressionist Isaac Levitan.  This Phase is a must do for aspiring landscape painters, conceptual designers and illustrator’s.


  • Percy Gray – Part I
  • Percy Gray – Part II
  • Percy Gray – Part III
  • Percy Gray – Part IV
  • Isaac Levitan – Part I
  • Isaac Levitan – Part II
  • Isaac Levitan – Part III
  • Isaac Levitan – Part IV
  • Frederick Judd Waugh – Part I
  • Frederick Judd Waugh – Part II
  • Frederick Judd Waugh – Part III
  • Frederick Judd Waugh – Part IV
  • Edgar Payne – Part I
  • Edgar Payne – Part II
  • Edgar Payne – Part III
  • Edgar Payne – Part IV
  • Edgar Payne – Part V
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