Painting Mood & Atmosphere in Gouache Preview

Join Robert Watts, Jeff’s father, as he walks you through a variety of illustrative scenarios and visual problem-solving solutions, using one of his favorite mediums, Gouache.  Robert will lend insight from his 40 plus years as a commercial illustrator and fine artist, and use his eclectic and masterful skill sets to demonstrate how to put all the fundamental lessons learned thus far to use, in order to create a dynamic, original image.  As this class will cover the importance of value and and the immediate, visual read of an image, it is equally helpful to the illustrator, conceptual artist and fine artist.  This class is easily adapted to digital media as well, making it a perfect course for the visual development student.  You’ll be sure to enjoy not just the information in this course, but also Robert’s down to earth demeanor and whimsical sense of humor, as they help his lessons become more relatable and add a bit of lightheartedness to a very intense, information-packed subject.


  • General Techniques
  • Cumulous Cloudscape – Part I
  • Cumulous Cloudscape – Part II
  • Weathered Barn
  • Indication
  • Foggy Churchyard
  • Gunslinger
  • Tomb Raider – Part I
  • Tomb Raider – Part II
  • Ship on the High Seas – Part I
  • Ship on the High Seas – Part II
  • Meteor Strike
  • Closing Thoughts
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