Portrait Phase I Preview

This phase will introduce you to several monochromatic palettes.  This means you will not be venturing into the realm of color as of yet. Instead, monochrome will give you ample time to focus on more important concepts: manipulating edges and values in oil paint.  You should start cultivating an acute awareness of value judgment and edge manipulation, as well an appreciation of why these concepts are so important. We will work from photos of casts, skulls, and the Asaro planes of the head from straight, three-quarter, and profile positions. As with all initial phases, much patience and presence should be channeled to prepare you for the next phase. Every phase builds on the one prior to it.

Remember, there are some subjects that can be simply read about, watched, and then understood. Painting is not one of them. All knowledge must be refreshed and maintained through repetition so it is ready to be used at a moment’s notice.  You will find this a more demanding style of studying and visual memorization, but ultimately it will be much more rewarding. Like exercising any muscle, these skills will improve and strengthen with time.


  • Skull Profile Pose
  • Asaro Profile Pose
  • Cast Profile
  • Skull 3/4 Pose Part I
  • Skull 3/4 Pose Part II
  • Asaro 3/4 Pose Part I
  • Asaro 3/4 Pose Part II
  • Cast 3/4 Pose Part I
  • Cast 3/4 Pose Part II
  • Skull Front Pose Part I
  • Skull Front Pose Part II
  • Asaro Front Part I
  • Asaro Front Part II
  • Cast Front Pose Part I
  • Cast Front Pose Part II
  • Closing Thoughts
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