Sequential Artist Curriculum

Sequential artists, be they storyboarders or comic artists, are almost always tied to the entertainment industry.  The sequential artist tells a moving story through a series of still pictures, and leads the viewer through adventure with their art.  This curriculum will provide you with the varied skillsets needed to pursue this exciting entertainment career.

Drawing Fundamentals Phase 1

Drawing Fundamentals Phase 2

Head Drawing Phase 1

Figure Drawing Phase 1

Head Drawing Phase 2

Figure Drawing Phase 2

Head Drawing Phase 3

Figure Drawing Phase 3

Head Drawing Phase 4

Figure Drawing Phase 4

Anatomy Intensives: Arms & Legs

Features and Facial Expressions

Perspective Essentials

Fundamentals of Character Design


Essentials of Tech

A Note to Students:

While these curriculums have been charted to best help students in their chosen disciplines, they are by no means the only path to learning.  Students are free to view their lessons and courses in any order they so wish.  These curriculums also include many of the upcomming courses that will be available to students in the near future.  When students who are following the curriculums come upon these lessons, we encourage you to press forward to the next available (currently released) lesson in your curriculum, and return to the skipped lesson once it is released.