Animal Anatomy Intensives: Big Cats with Tom Babbey


Registration Opens Sept 24th, 2020 at 8am PT

Audit: Watch instructor warm up, demo and receive photo reference every week.

Full Participation: Watch instructor warm up, demo, receive photo reference AND receive instructor critique every week.



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Instructor Critiques for Full Participation Students will be uploaded for viewing approximately one week after each class.

Date : Oct 10, 2020 – Dec 19, 2020

Videos Uploaded: 12pm on Saturday

Level : All Levels Welcome

This course will focus on understanding and indicating the anatomy of big cats, including Lions, Jaguars, Tigers, and more. Students will begin learning with the feline construction forms, gradually adding in more anatomical Information to understand the correlating muscle groups the construction forms represent.  In addition to muscle and construction study, students will also learn the rhythms and abstractions of the feline form through gestural studies.  By the end of this course, students will be combining an understanding of the construction and anatomy of cats with knowledge of the rhythms and abstractions of the feline form in motion, to create fluid, dynamic, informed big cats in their artwork

Video Archives will be available livestream students until Jan 2nd.


This course is primarily a drawing class, and students will need a sketchbook or drawing board, tracing paper, drawing supplies (pencils, pens, eraser) and a binder to accommodate the large number of handouts.

Tom Babbey

Tom Babbey has studied at the Watts Atelier for over a decade, and has taught at the atelier for nearly as long.  As an avid naturalist, Tom’s love for wildlife led him to discover his passion for animal art and creature design at an early age. Tom currently works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for clients such as Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Wizkids, Cubicle 7, Fantasy Flight Games, Sony Online, and Griffin Road Games, and is the lead Art Director for Draco Studios “Dragonbond’ setting.

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