Animal Anatomy Intensives: Prehistoric Creatures with Tom Babbey


Streaming Registration Opens October 20th at 8am Pacific Time

Audit: Watch instructor warm up, demo and receive photo reference every week.

Full Participation: Watch instructor warm up, demo, receive photo reference AND receive instructor critique every week.

All videos will be available until two weeks after week 5 of the term.


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Instructor Critiques for Full Participation Students will be uploaded for viewing approximately one week after each class. 

Date : 12 Nov – 17 Dec

Length: 5 Weeks

Videos Uploaded: Friday 

Level :  Good for all levels


This class will focus on understanding animal anatomy and construction, with the ultimate goal of using this knowledge to create dynamic wildlife poses and believable creature concepts. The students will first cover animal construction basics to help them understand the quadruped form, before moving on to muscle groupings.  Through weekly exercises, students will learn how to drape musculature atop animal construction forms to create compelling, accurate and dynamic invented animal drawings and creature designs.  Students will also be taught how to look for and emphasize key identifiers for species, allowing them to capture the subtle nuances that set animal species apart from one another. This class is a wonderful option for both fine artists and concept artists/illustrators, as the lessons learned can be utilized by students to both push their wildlife subjects into fresh, dynamic poses and to build believable fantastic creatures, grounded in reality.


Student preference. Sketchbooks, digital or newsprint are all fine!


Tom Babbey

Tom Babbey has studied at the Watts Atelier for over a decade, and has taught at the atelier for nearly as long.  As an avid naturalist, Tom’s love for wildlife led him to discover his passion for animal art and creature design at an early age. Tom currently works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for clients such as Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Wizkids, Cubicle 7, Fantasy Flight Games, Sony Online, and Griffin Road Games, and is the lead Art Director for Draco Studios “Dragonbond’ setting.

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