Drawing Program

$99.00 / month



  • Over 200 hours of instruction in drawing, from fundamentals to advanced concepts and technique.
  • Access to 17 courses on the Watts Atelier Online Program.
  • Access to the Watts Atelier Online forums to talk and share your progress with other students.

Our drawing program is designed to help you take your abilities from the basics all the way up to advanced draftsmanship. Works will be done in charcoal and graphite, ranging from a variety of different training methods in head and figure. At our school we prioritize drawing proficiency before getting into too much painting. We teach drawing in a very painterly manner and this makes the transition from drawing into painting more natural. Throughout the head and figure phases you can expect to learn basic construction principles and methods such as angle relationships, plumb lines and pencil measuring. In the later phases you’ll focus on light and form to build head and figure drawings in 3 hour increments. Towards the end of the drawing program, you will be working on long graphite finishes that will take you 15+ hours to work on advanced edge manipulation and rendering.