Head Drawing with Erik Gist



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Mondays, 2:30pm-3:30pm PST, August 5th-September 2nd 2019

Join Erik Gist for his head drawing warmups and instructor demonstrations.  Emphasis will be placed on gaining an in-depth understanding of the underlying geometry and anatomical structure of the head, face and features. Erik will work in a tonal fashion from a live model, helping the student to train their eye to observe, analyze, and execute edges, values, anatomical nuances, and ultimately calligraphy and idealization.  This is a full-participation course, allowing students to watch the live model instructor warmup and demonstration each week.  The student will receive reference photos from the same model each week, from which they will complete a drawing to submit for a personalized video critique trace over by the instructor.

Audit-only Students may watch the instructor warmup and and demonstration each week.  Students who miss the live stream on a particular day will have access to the warmup and demo video up to two weeks from the live stream date.

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Full Participation, Audit