Head Drawing Fundamentals (Summer 2020 Re-run)


Registration Opens August 31st at 8am Pacific Time

Audit: Watch instructor warm up, demo and receive photo reference every week.

All videos will be available until two weeks after Week 5 of the term.


This class is Audit-Only.

Date : Sep 13 – Oct 11

Video Uploaded: Monday

Level : Beginner

Head Drawing Fundamentals is a must for all beginner level students and all students who are new to the school and unfamiliar with our methodology. The head drawing process will be broken down and a full class will be spent on each step. The last several weeks will be handled like a regular head drawing class with warm ups and one pose per demo. Topics will include: skulls, Reilly method/gesture, structure, features, tone, 2-value, full value, etc.


• Conte 1710b or Wolf’s Carbon 6B charcoal pencil

• Smooth Newsprint

• Single Edge Razor Blade

• Sanding Pad

• Kneaded Eraser

Brian Knox

Brian Knox has studied at Watts Atelier since 2012 and is currently working toward a career in illustration. After spending his first 2 years at the atelier focused on drawing fundamentals, he developed an intuitive understanding of basic shapes and the underlying forms of the human body. This makes him well suited for teaching the fundamentals of figure drawing. As a student he is currently focused on composition and painting while participating in the Watts Atelier student teacher program.

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Full Participation, Audit