Head, Figure, Quicksketch with Lucas Graciano



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Tuesdays, 7pm-8pm PST, August 6th-September 3rd 2019

Join Lucas Graciano for head drawing, figure drawing and quicksketch. In this class, one to two weeks will be spent on each discipline. This class is a good introduction to the Watts Atelier core classes, or can be useful as a class to maintain skills in each area for more advanced students. Lucas will work from a live model, helping the students to sharpen their observational skills. He will introduce the student to the three major drawing disciplines of the school: Head, Figure and Quicksketch while working in a tonal manner. This is a full-participation course, allowing students to watch the instructor demonstration and warm up each week. Students will receive reference photos each week, from which they will complete a drawing to submit for a personalized video critique trace over by the instructor.

Audit-only Students may watch the instructor warmup and and demonstration each week.  Students who miss the live stream on a particular day will have access to the warmup and demo video up to two weeks from the live stream date.

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Full Participation, Audit