Inking Phase II

$49.00 / month


In this second phase of Inking, Doug will be walking you through inking with a brush. In this course he will cover:


  • Start to Finish, a forest scene with water, reflections, trees, shrubbery and a stone wall.



  • Start to Finish, a piece of Gothic Architecture, focusing on textural indication with more reserved values.


Joseph Clement Coll Master Study

  • Start to Finish, from Coll’s The Lost World  illustration series.



  • A camel, focus on indicating fur.
  • An antelope, taking a more comic book style approach.
  • An elephant, where he alters his reference to change the mood.
  • An owl, utilizing washes for lighter tone.
  • A lion, taking a Frank Frazetta style approach.



  • Strathmore Smooth Bristol (100 lb.)
  • Hammermill Color Copy Paper (100 lb.)

You will also want to experiment with other papers that you find. Be careful when using brush on lighter weight papers, as the ink could potentially bleed through, leaving you with a mess.


  • Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 3
  • Raphael Kolinsky size 1


Various Ink Brands:

  • Dr. Martin’s Waterproof Black
  • Dr. Martin’s Bleed proof White (white ink)