Inking Phase III

$49.00 / month


In this last phase of inking Jeff will take your through various master studies and photo reference interpretations in ink. Utilizing brush and quill, he will be focusing mainly on heads and figures. In the middle of this phase, Jeff will be tackling an ink of Solomon J. Solomon’s Samson, based on the biblical story of Samson and Delilah. This is more than just a one dimensional master study. It requires a heavy amount of interpretation to translate Solomon’s highly rendered painting into ink, meaning that you have to unpack several layers of learning to understand the technical decisions being made. Strap in and get ready for this fantastic phase!


In this Phase Jeff will demonstrate:

  • 2 Male Joseph Clement Coll Heads
  • 2 Male Charles Dana Gibson Heads
  • 2 Female Charles Dana Gibson Heads
  • A Male Portrait from Photo Reference
  • A Female Portrait from Photo Reference
  • Various Features from the Vanderpoel book
  • 2 Male Figures and 1 Female Figure from Samson
  • An Alphonse Mucha Female Figure
  • An Edwin Austin Abbey Male Figure




  • Strathmore Smooth Bristol (100 lb.) – Quill + Brush
  • Hammermill Color Copy Paper – Quill + Brush

You will also want to experiment with other papers that you find. Be careful when using brush and quill on lighter weight papers, as the ink could potentially bleed through, leaving you with a mess.

Quill Pens

Zebra, Hunt, Niko, Speedball, the options are really endless. We suggest you visit your local art store and look in the Calligraphy section for various nibs to get started. You’ll also want to check or for more nibs and nib holders. Be aware that nib holders are not always sold with nibs that you may buy online!


  • Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 3
  • Raphael Kolinsky size 1


Various Ink Brands:

  • Dr. Martin’s Waterproof Black
  • Dr. Martin’s Bleed proof White (white ink)