$49.00 / month


In this course, you will learn how our instructors use a variety of approaches and techniques to explore ideas in their sketchbooks.  Follow Erik Gist, Lucas Graciano, and Robert Watts as they utilize a vast array of different media to explore preliminary thumbnails, dive into personal studies, work out character, monster, and environment designs, and more.  Learn to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and expand as an artist by properly utilizing the most personal of artistic tools, the sketchbook.


In this Phase:

  • Thumbnail Sketching for Illustration (Robert, Erik, Lucas)
  • Creature Sketching (Lucas)
  • Gouache Master Studies (Lucas)
  • Digital Sketching (Lucas)
  • Montage Sketching (Robert and Erik)
  • Sketchbook Vingettes (Robert and Erik)
  • Monster Doodling (Erik)


  • Sketchbook (toned paper or white paper)
  • Varied sketching media, including but not limited to ballpoint pen, graphite pencil, gouache paints, prismacolor markers, digital media: start with what you’re comfortable with, and work to expand your media comfort zone as you progress