Spectrum Illustration with Erik M. Gist


Registration Opens Sept 24th, 2020 at 8am PT

Audit: Watch instructor warm up, demo and receive photo reference every week.

Full Participation: Watch instructor warm up, demo, receive photo reference AND receive instructor critique every week.



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Instructor Critiques for Full Participation Students will be uploaded for viewing approximately one week after each class.

Date : Oct 7, 2020 – Dec 16, 2020

Videos Uploaded: 12pm on Wednesday

Level : All Levels Welcome

This class will focus on the production of a finished professional quality illustration for the purpose of self promotion. The students will be searching for the right direction thru medias and compositions to find the most dynamic, and graphically compelling image possible. The instructor will be working along side the students as an example to help guide the pieces in a strong direction emphasizing dynamic composition and eye grabbing original content . We will also be emphasizing how to paint for print. There is still time to meet the deadline for the Spectrum Fantasy Art Contest. This class will be concentrating on crafting a compelling piece, from thumbnail to completed illustration, with the ultimate goal of creating an image that will standout among all of the other entries. We will explore all the tools at our disposal to design the most original version of our images.

Video Archives will be available livestream students until Jan 2nd.



  • Regular bond “printer” paper
  • Graphite “sketching” pencil : B or 2B
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Black marker and straight edge for final cropping

Color Comps

  • Smooth bristol board
  • Masking tape
  • Butcher tray
  • Paper towels
  • Variety of small Robert Simmons synthetic sable rounds
  • Gouache paints (permanent white, ivory black, primary yellow, cad orange, primary red, cerulean blue, ultramarine)

Tonal Comp

  • Smooth bristol board
  • Variety of graphite pencils 2H, HB, 2B, 4B
  • Kneaded eraser
  • White plastic “pencil” eraser

Oil Final

  • Hard board (masonite) gessoed
  • Graphite pencil (for transfer)
  • Spray fixtive
  • Variety of oil brushes:  Robert Simmons Signet filberts ranging from 2-10, Rosemary master series flats 2-8, Robert Simmons synthetic sable rounds 0-3
  • Oil paints mostly Winsor Newton professional grade (titanium white, ivory black, lemon yellow, cad yellow, yellow ochre, cad orange, raw umber, cad red, permanent magenta, transparent red ochre(Le Franc), winsor violet, ultramarine, cerulean blue, sap grean)
  • Liquin fine detail
  • Gamsol
  • Glass pallet
  • Rags or shop towels

Erik M. Gist

Erik M. Gist received his B.A. from SDSU in 1998. He began studying with Jeff Watts in 1996, three years later he began to teach and has done so ever since. Erik has worked in the video game industry as a concept designer and 3-D artist and is now working as a freelance illustrator. Erik’s clients include Marvel Comics, D.C. Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Disney, Audible, Wizards of the Coast, Upperdeck, Boom! Studios, Palladium Books, Blizzard Entertainment, Viking Childrens Books, Monkey Brain Books, Quart Publishing, and Chiat-Day. His work can be seen in Spectrum: the best in fantastic art including a nomination in 2018, and Aphrodesia: art of the female form 1 . Along with a Spectrum nomination, he has been nominated for an Illie Award, a Pulp Ark Award, a Chesley Award, and multiple Horror Comic Awards including one win. For more information about Erik’s art please visit his website at www.erikgist.com.

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Full Participation, Audit