Head Drawing Fundamentals, with Brian Knox

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Thursdays, 10am-11am PST, January 17th-March 21st 2019

Join Brian Knox, as he explores the fundamentals of head drawing and demonstrates his approach to constructing a solid feel in his portraiture work. Emphasis will be placed on gaining an in-depth understanding of the the planes of the head and the abstraction or rhythms of the face. This is a full-participation course, allowing students to watch the instructor warmup and demonstration each week.  The student will receive cast reference and live model photos,  from which they will complete a drawing to submit for a personalized video critique traceover by the instructor.

Audit-only Students may watch the instructor warmup and and demonstration each week.  Students who miss the live stream on a particular day will have access to the warmup and demo video up to two weeks from the live stream date.

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Full Participation, Audit