Skill building Challenge news; Exciting Changes and Winner of Cycle 3 announced!


The results of our Skill Building Challenge, cycle 3 are in…! The winner will be receiving an original portrait drawing (pictured above) by Watts Atelier instructor Lucas Graciano.

Our Skill Building Challenges are designed as a friendly competition that’s geared towards advancing the participants’ skill base. Each individual Skill building Challenge (which we refer to as “cycles”) runs for four weeks, with an assignment due at the end of each individual week. These assignments currently correlate to our online school’s lessons, and (just like the lessons themselves) are structured in a progressive fashion, which helps to build a students understanding of important concepts. At the end of the four weeks, our instructors judge the participants, based both on the quality of their last entry and (most importantly) the increase in their skills over the course of the four week cycle.

Without further ado, we’d like to congratulate the winner of our third Watts Atelier Skill Building Challenge….





Nam 95’s careful construction and thoughtful shape design in the final submission, as well as the applied learning and increase in skill sets in the previous weeks’ submissions, has earned them this well-deserved honor.  From the entire Atelier team, please accept our congratulations!



Changes to the Challenges

Along with announcing the cycle 3 winner, we would like to take this moment to unveil a few exciting changes we are rolling into our Skill Building Challenges.  We have listened to you, our students, and have applied several slight changes to the Skill building Challenges in order to better help you advance your skills.  The challenges will adhere to the same structure (four individual week-long assignments, judged by your final week’s entry and your overall improvement over the 4 weeks) with a few minor additions;

-More Challenges, with more opportunities to build your skills

Starting with our Cycle 4 Challenge on January 4th, Skill building Challenges will now be run every month, back to back, with a new challenge starting the date the previous challenge ends.  This gives our students the ability to participate in more challenges and provides them with the opportunity to apply the knowledge from their lessons as they are learning from them.  Students can now grow more by participating more often.

-Diversified Challenges, to accomodate diverse skill bases

From here on out, each Challenge will offer two “paths” participants may choose from, one more advanced and one more fundamental in nature.  We understand the idea of participating in certain challenges may be intimidating to newer students; Likewise, we know more advanced students may wish to push their limits and really find out what they are capable of.  Because of this, students will now be able to choose the “challenge path” that suits them best..Either 4 weeks in a more fundamental mindset, or four weeks focused on advanced concepts.  Choose the path for each challenge that best suits you, and discover what you are capable of!

-Greater Incentives to Participate

There is now even more to gain by competing in the Skill Building cycles.  In addition to advancing your skills, participation counting towards your Guild Rankings, and the Prize Drawing for each Cycle’s winner, each cycle will now have a single participant chosen (in addition to the winner) as an “Honorable Mention.”  Both the Cycle Winner and Honorable Mention will receive feedback from our Atelier team on their efforts for that particular cycle, to help propel them forward and encourage others.


All of these changes will be implemented with the start of our Cycle 4 Skill building challenge beginning on January 4th.  Thank you all again for your fantastic feedback and participation int he challenges, and get ready for more cycles, more opportunities to push your skills, and more chances to grow!