Skill Building Challenge update: Cycle 5 winners chosen, Cycle 6 announced

Cycle 6 marked a very special first for our Skill Building Challenges, as all participants were given a brief critique of their work by our team at the Atelier.  It was thrilling to see everyone utilize their feedback and make such leaps in their skills in such a short amount of time.  Choosing a winner for this cycle was difficult, but we managed to single out a few students who really climbed the ladder quite quickly over this past month.

Please join us in congratulating our Skill Building Challenge: Cycle 5 winner…





Rachael’s implementation of the given feedback and overall improvement over the course of the 4 weeks marked her as our Cycle 5 winner.  As a “Thank you” for her hard work and dedicated efforts, Rachael will be receiving a drawing from one of our instructors.   Challenge winners also receive a written critique of their work, to better help them push forward and improve their drawing and painting skills.

Our “honorable mention” award goes to another student who really pushed himself this past month…Congradulations to our Cycle 5 honorable mention winner,




We’d like to remind students that the critiques provided for our Cycle 5 challenges are not standard for our Skill Building Challenges;  These types of critiques from our staff, along with in-depth paintovers/traceovers of all submissions, can be obtained through the critique-level and mentorship-level memberships.  Students are able to upgrade their membership type at any time through the “my account” tab, accessible through the dropdown menu located in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

Even though these types of critiques are not standard for our general drawing/painting memberships, we still would like you, our students, to engage in critiquing each other and helping one another through your learning journey.  Articulating your struggles and critiquing each other’s work helps the student to think of their drawings and studies in a new light, and can lead to previously-unrealized breakthroughs and visual problem solving.

It’s with this concept in mind that we’ve formulated our cycle 6 challenge, which will start on Sunday, March 8th.  For more details and to participate in our Skill Building Challenge: Cycle 6, please visit our Skill Building Challenge Forum.

Congratulations again to our Cycle 5 winners, as we look forward to seeing what everyone can do as we move into Cycle 6!

-The Watts Atelier Team