Andrew Hunt


Originally from New Zealand, I currently live and work in New York city as a filmmaker. Mainly as a director although I also write and produce. My wife’s a fashion designer and a pretty amazing artist, which has been super helpful for getting feed back. We have two boys aged four and seven who are either killing us or keeping us young – a point of view that changes according to the amount of sleep we get!

I discovered drawing quite by chance about three years ago when my then four year old kept asking me to draw him a penguin etc. I knew what one looked like but was annoyed that I couldn’t draw it. I did an image search on my ipad and started drawing the penguin. That was it. I was hooked. I’ve been drawing every evening since then.

I joined Watts in October 2014 and have loved every minute of it. My seven year old now draws with me which is awesome. Just wished I’d discovered this pleasure a long, long time ago!

There’s a lot of cross-over between making a film and making a single image so I’m looking forward to discovering the potential each has to influence the other.

You’ll find a fuller bio on my website at:

Look forward to meeting you online or at a workshop someday!


Andrew Hunt