Tom Ward


Hello everyone.I hope I can learn to paint portraits like Jeff and that it’s easier than making a bio statement as an opener like this.

My experience is painting landscapes in oil,on canvas with a knife,plein air in Wilmington N.C. mostly along Kure Beach.

Now it’s time to learn to Gesture Portrait like Jeff.My hero’s are Illya Repin,Nicolai Fechin,Emile Gruppe comes to mind and many others Sorolla y Bastida must be mentioned.I hope to make a good try at “tiling”. I love the look and hope to learn it well.I will be starting in the fundamentals of drawing and working over the next ten months toward my goal.

Guess I will have more to say as I move through the work.

Jeff,thank you for keeping the atelier system alive and making it available online.

“Let’s get great”!!!