The Return of Skill Building Challenges! Portrait: Construction to Finish


We are happy to announce the return of the “Skill Building Challenges” that were temporarily paused while we were migrating to our new forum and website. Now that the new student forums are up and running, we are happy to begin a new round for this month!

The format is essentially the same – every month students are given one subject, currently its Portrait – Construction to Finish. We then divide that subject into separate Drawing and Painting categories. Of course, we encourage you to do both if you can.

Each week the participants will then submit their work as they progress through the process laid out week by week.

One major change from the old format is that there are going to be two separate winners, one for the Drawing and Painting categories respectively. At the end of each month’s cycle, our instructors and team will choose a winner from both categories, and then a single honorable mention.

A portrait study for SBC 13 by Manuela Pilz

Any questions concerning skill building challenges can be posted on the forums here:

The moderating team will answer any of your questions.

A cast study by Chris Carlson for SBC 20

We’re striving to make our skill-building challenges educational and fun. As such, expect the focus of the SBCs to change from month-to-month to keep it fresh, engaging and truly challenging. As do more of these we can explore different ways of improving and training together.

A personal work for SBC 17 by Abigail Platter

Skill building challenges have been a staple of our online community building for four years now, we hope that these new skill building challenges will build upon that history and motivate everyone to keep pressing play.

Happy Studies,

Watts Atelier Team