The Skill Building Challenge Cycle 2 results are in!



The results of our Skill Building Challenge, cycle 2 are in…! The winner  will be receiving an original portrait drawing (pictured above) by Watts Atelier instructor Erik Gist.

Our Skill Building Challenges are designed as a friendly competition that’s geared towards advancing the participants’ skill base. Each individual Skill building Challenge (which we refer to as “cycles”) runs for four weeks, with an assignment due at the end of each individual week. These assignments currently correlate to our online school’s lessons, and (just like the lessons themselves) are structured in a progressive fashion, which helps to build a students understanding of important concepts.  At the end of the four weeks, our instructors judge the participants, based both on the quality of their last entry and (most importantly) the increase in their skills over the course of the four week cycle.

Without further ado, we’d like to congratulate the winner of our second Watts Atelier Skill Building Challenge….






Joanne’s hard work, solid understanding and application of the lessons, and week-over-week improvement solidified her place as the winner in this *very* close challenge.  Congratulations Joanne!

Our next Skill building Challenge will begin in late September, with the specific dates and challenge to be announced shortly.  While maintaining the same format (Four  individual, week-long submissions) this new challenge will have a special focus meant to better compliment an exciting, upcoming addition to the online school.  Keep your eyes on the blog for more information on both the skill building challenge, and the new features being implemented to the Watts Atelier online expereince!