The Watts Atelier Workshop and Bootcamp FAQ



At the Watts Atelier, we understand the importance of quality, skill-based art instruction.  We also understand that individuals from across the globe wish to increase thier skills, students who are unable to spend a full ten-week term studying with us in person at our Atelier.  This understanding is what led us to create our innovative Online Program, with over 400 hours (and growing) of content….But what happens when you’re in need of personalized, one-on-one instruction?  When you, as the student, hit a plateau, and are having difficulties raising your skills through your online journey?  While we have several online options available for students to help them through these kinds of struggles (Our Student Forums and Mentorship-level Memberships, to name a few), there are times where the student simply the needs the hands-on attention that comes from in-person instruction.

This is where our diverse selection of workshops and bootcamps come into play.  Our workshops and bootcamps, ranging from a few day’s time to a full week,  give students the chance to study with us at our Atelier in Southern California without having to commit to a ten week course.  With several of our workshops fast approaching, we would like to take a moment to outline the specific workshops and bootcamps we offer, and answer a few of the more frequently-asked questions about these very special learning opportunities.


2015-2016 Watts Atelier Workshop Lineup



Instructor: Meadow Gist

Duration: 5 days, July 20th-24th, 2015

Tuition cost: $650

Medium: Oils, Charcoal

This workshop will focus on painting the portrait and costumed figure. The portrait sessions will have a variety of head wear such as hats and scarves, as well as jewelry and fresh flowers. We will progress to the fully costumed figure, the attire of which will be a hand sewn historically accurate ensemble. The workshop will begin with the instructors demo, and students will paint from the same model the following session. The next session will cover a head drawing lesson and demo. Portrait gesture painting, and the final long costume pose will finish the course.  This course is an excellent option for students going into historical or figurative fine art, and is a fantastic opportunity for illustrative students to bring up their skills and improve their storytelling abilities through the narrative use of costumes.

Six hours of instruction each day is standard for this workshop, and students are provided with an extra 3 hour open model session in the evenings.


Instructors: Jeffrey Watts and the instructors of the Watts Atelier

Duration: 8 days, September 13th-20th, 2015

Tuition: $1350

Medium: Charcoal, Oil, Gouache

Join Jeff Watts and the instructors of Watts Atelier for this rare opportunity to immerse yourself in 8 days of drawing and painting with these truly gifted instructors. We will cover a wide range of concepts, including how to improve and solidify your drawing skills, learning how to properly utilize the 4 palettes students should master in order to avoid pitfalls , how to break down and study the masters in both painting and drawing, the importance of gouache as a training tool for oil, anatomy, gesture painting and even touch on landscape and still life.  Daily demonstrations from Jeff are routine in this workshop, and our team of instructors will be on-hand in order to assure maximum learning assistance for each workshop participant. Emphasis will be placed on showing participants firsthand what designing and executing a training plan for the visual artist entails. This workshop will deliver practical exercises and advice that will communicate how to become a working professional in the visual arts. Come prepared for long days of intense learning, personalized demonstrations and one-on-one instruction.  The Atelier Bootcamp is the perfect option for students looking to study with us in person, but unable to spend an entire 10 week term with us.

Students are provided with an extra 3 hour open model session in the evenings, on top of the daily workshop activities. In addition, all Bootcamp attendees will be given a month’s membership to our online school and access to over 400 hours of video lessons. Build your fundamental skills before the workshop through our online program, and work on more advanced concepts in person with our instructors when you arrive.


Instructors: E.M Gist, Michael C. Hayes, Lucas Graciano, Chris Rahn, and Jeremy Cranford of Blizzard Entertainment

Duration: 6 days, January 11th-16th, 2016

Tuition: $1350

Medium: Students’ choice (Instructor demonstration and focus will be in oils)

Spend six days this January in intense study and camaraderie with established industry professionals and award-winning illustrators Chris Rahn, Lucas Graciano, Michael C. Hayes, and E. M. Gist, with a special presentation and portfolio reviews by one of the industries top art directors, Jeremy Cranford. Immerse yourself in the world of illustration, and learn to make the images in your mind into a reality.  Work with our team of instructors on bringing your skills to the next level, and enjoy daily lectures on storytelling, professionalism, skill advancement, idealization, character and creature design, career building, and more.  Daily demonstrations, 1 on 1 instruction, hands-on critiques, and portfolio reviews are routine in this bootcamp.  When not working on your own illustration, pull up a chair and watch one of the teachers work, and pick their brain with a round of “ask me anything”.

Each day of this six day workshop will run from 8am until 11pm (or later).  Open model sessions are also provided. In addition, all Bootcamp attendees will be given a month’s membership to our online school and access to over 400 hours of video lessons. Build your fundamental skills before the workshop through our online program, and work on more advanced concepts in person with our instructors when you arrive.

Workshop/Bootcamp FAQ

Q: What are the “Workshops” and “Bootcamps?” 

A:  Our Workshops and Bootcamps are specifically designed to give students the opportunity to study with us in person, without having to commit to our standard ten-week courses.  This allows students from afar to study with us in person, at our Atelier, without having to worry about moving costs, as well as allowing local students the ability to improve their skills through the intense, focused training regime the workshops and bootcamps offer.

Q: Is there a difference between a “Workshop” and a “Bootcamp?”

A:  In short, yes.  Our Workshops are taught by a single instructor from our Atelier, and are usually take advantage of that instructor’s “specialty,” allowing students to laser-focus their learning efforts and grow in that specific discipline.  Our Bootcamps, by comparison, are taught by a team of instructors from our Atelier, and generally are a few days longer than the workshops.  In addition, Bootcamp attendees receive a complimentary month’s access to our online program, leading into the bootcamp; this allows the bootcamp attendees to build their fundamental skills up beforehand, allowing the instructors to work with them on more advanced concepts when they arrive.  Both the workshops and the bootcamps focus on improving skills through hard work under the skilled eye of our instructors.  Instructor demonstrations are routine in both, as are hands-on critiques.

Q: Do you provide housing for students attending the Workshops and Bootcamps?

A:  As a small Atelier, we do not have the ability to house students onsite when they are attending our workshops and bootcamps.  While we do not provide housing, there are several hotels located next to our Atelier, within walking distance, that we recommend students stay at.

Q: Traveling with supplies (solvent, etc) can sometimes be difficult.  Is there a way for students to obtain supplies once they arrive?

A: We do recommend students bring the majority of their supplies with them, but understand that traveling with certain items can be difficult, or sometimes impossible.  We carry a modest selection of supplies for sale at the Atelier itself.  If you can not find what you need at the Atelier,  there is a fully supplied art store within walking distance of the school.

Q: Is the entire tuition amount due at the time of enrollment?

A: A $100 deposit is required upon registration for the workshop/bootcamp of your choice, and will hold your space in the course. 90 days from the workshop start date,  1/2 the total cost of the workshop is due, and 45 days from workshop start date, the remaining balance will be charged.


While we are sure you have more questions on these exciting workshops and bootcamps, we hope this overview and FAQ helped answer at least a few of them.  For more information, please visit our workshop policy page, and feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment section.

For those of you considering attending our workshops/bootcamps, we recommend enrolling as soon as possible.  Spaces are already filling, and a few courses are near capacity.  Visit our online registration site to enroll today, or register by phone at(760) 753-5378


All the best, and we look forward to seeing you in-person, at the Atelier Workshops and Bootcamps!

Happy Studies,

-The Watts Atelier Team