Welcome the Guilds, on November 10th


Join us in welcoming the next step in our online program: The Guilds


Learning on your own can be very overwhelming. The truth is that you are not alone. You are part of a vibrant community as a member of the Watts Online School. We’ve put together a program that leverages the knowledge and passion of the entire Watts community. We are calling it the Guilds.

The Guilds is comprised of the following 3 cornerstones:

• New Course Certifications – Complete assignments on a pass/fail basis, and track your progress through the program. View your curriculum anytime.

• Revolutionary Mentoring Program – Accelerate your learning by becoming a mentor. Study under an advanced student and increase your skills and comprehension by giving back and helping others.

• New Mastery Levels – Progress from Apprentice all the way to Master Guildsman through assignment completion, competition participation, and mentoring.   Earn incentives as you progress through the ranks, including membership discounts


On November 10th, the Guilds will be available to all students of the Online Atelier.  This amazing new program is available to all membership levels, at no additional charge.

Heralding the arrival of the Guilds will be our newly redesigned site.  We’ve listened to our student’s suggestions over the past year and have redesigned the site, keeping the familiar aspects you’ve grown to love while incorporating easier navigation and new features meant to be utilized through The Guilds.

We are very excited about this new step for our Online School, and we look forward to having our students experience the very special blend of skill-based learning, community, and camaraderie The Guilds offer.


Please note: Our website will be down from approximately 9pm PST on November 9th to 3am PST November 10th, while we update our website and release the new content.  Also, with the Course Certifications, we’ve redesigned the process for completing each lesson and course. We’ve replaced the old system of marking each lesson and class manually as “Completed” using the dropdown box under the video lesson. The new system will allow you to submit assignments from your workbook to complete each lesson. After November 10th, we are phasing out the old system so please make a note of where you are in each of your active courses. We will send out another reminder the day before we launch the Guilds. After the launch, we encourage each of you to go back through each course you’ve completed and submit your work to receive certification.