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The Atelier

Encinitas, California

Watts Atelier of the Arts, founded 22 years ago by Jeffrey R. Watts and his wife Krista Watts, is located in the sleepy beach community of Encinitas. Established in Southern California, but modeled after the European Atelier system, walking inside the school could make one think they had stepped back in time to France circa the 1800s.

Jeff and his select team of dedicated instructors–who all received their primary training in the Watts Method–work as both teachers and full-time professional fine-artists, illustrators and conceptual artists. One can feel the sense of community, camaraderie, and an air of professionalism the minute they walk through the doors. The outstanding efforts of past students cover the walls. They are left to stand as sign-posts on the way to what might be: a love and mastery of the craft of drawing and painting.

This Atelier community strives to uphold their motto, “Preserving the Tradition of the Masters.” The school is recognized the world over as one of the truly great destinations for learning the pure craft of drawing and painting in the traditional lineage of the great art institutions of the past.

Each drawing class, the instructor will give a demo.

Robert Watts teaching class

Jeff Watts teaching class