Learning Paths

Portrait & Figure Artist


Portraiture and the figurative arts are some of the oldest and most well-known disciplines in the fine art world.  The following learning path will help strengthen your knowledge of facial features, anatomy, and likenesses, and prepare you for a career in this respected artistic path.

Illustrator & Concept Artist Learning Path

Illustration and concept design can be thought of as two sides of the same coin;  Both strive to tell a story and bring us somewhere new, beyond our everyday experiences.  Illustration strives to tell a story in a single image, while concept design works to create the visual look of that story’s setting and characters.  These career paths demand a more varied skill set than most other artistic professions, and the following learning path will help provide you with the varied skill bases needed to become a working illustrator or concept artist.

Still Life Artist Learning Path


The still life artist brings new vibrancy and appreciation to the objects around us, drawing attention to both the beauty of objects from the natural world and the craftsmanship of man-made items.  The following curriculum will provide you with a guide to better understand the rendering of textures, themed compositional staging, and other skills that are necessary to thrive as a still life artist.

Landscape Artist Learning Path


Landscapes, whether created in the studio for a professional gallery or on-location as a personal study, have the ability to transport the viewer to another location with their immersive work.  This learning path will help hone your understanding of composition and atmosphere, and instill the skill sets needed to become a professional landscape painter

Comic/Sequential Artist Learning Path


Sequential artists, be they storyboarders or comic artists, are almost always tied to the entertainment industry.  The sequential artist tells a moving story through a series of still pictures, and leads the viewer through adventure with their art.  This learning path will provide you with the varied skillsets needed to pursue this exciting entertainment career.