Landscape Artist Learning Path


Check the Course Previews Page to see a video description on each class.

Course list, from left to right:

  1. Drawing Fundamentals Phase I
  2. Drawing Fundamentals Phase II
  3. Landscape Phase I
  4. Landscape Painting Phase II
  5. Perspective Essentials
  6. Composition and Staging
  7. Landscape Painting Phase III
  8. Creating Environments
  9. Observational Color
  10. Sketchbooking
  11. Painting Mood and Atmosphere in Gouache
  12. Studio Landscapes: Structures

A Note to Students:

While these learning path have been charted to best help students in their chosen disciplines, they are by no means the only path to learning.  Students are free to view their lessons and courses in any order they so wish.  These learning path also include many of the upcomming courses that will be available to students in the near future.  When students who are following the learning path come upon these lessons, we encourage you to press forward to the next available (currently released) lesson in your learning path, and return to the skipped lesson once it is released.