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Traveling and The Artist

  As an artist, I always envisioned a romantic notion of what “being an artist” meant. Traveling abroad to retrieve my reference was something I not only wanted to do,  but needed to do as well. My first trip for reference retrieval was right out of high school.  I ventured abroad with a group of […]

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The Encinitas Years Part 1: Westlake 2000-2007

[frame]   Before I start this next chapter of the Atelier’s history I would like to preface it by saying I have seen so much in the way of human behavior and have helped to cultivate so many wonderful artists who have gone on to incredible careers.  Alas if only that was always the case.  Along with […]

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The Early Years Part 1: Downtown San Diego

[frame]   Many of my current students often ask or are curious as to how the present incarnation of my art school came about.  When a student comes in today it may seem like the school runs as a well oiled machine, and I am happy to say most of the time that is the case.  However, […]

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